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Packaging and Kit Assembly Services

Printing documents, duplicating media, and packaging kit assemblies can all be done by one company, Advanced Media Services. We are a leading provider for kitting and packaging services in Wisconsin. With shipping around the country and vendor managed inventory services we will make distributing your product or media easy. 

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Advance Media Services offers:Kit Assembly and Custom Packaging Milwaukee

Custom Packaging

The way a package is presented can be one of the most important parts of marketing your product or service. In one look of a package, someone can decide whether it is organized, refined, and detail-oriented or sloppy, lazy, and unreliable. Make sure you have a packing provider that will work with your designs to create a clean product for your customers.

How to give us artwork?

Simply provide us with a high-resolution .jpg or .pdf file of your design and we can take care of the rest. Receive a free quote for your order today!

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Printing and packaging products or mailers can be a time extensive process if you do not have the resources, especially if you have to restart for every new order. Advanced Media Services offers both vendor managed inventory(VMI) and order fulfillment to make your shipping process one step easier.

If you have ongoing media orders we can store your master copy or give it back to you without any hassle.

We also offer duplication and replication services for:


Medical Kit Assembly

Ship your medical supplies to us and we can kit and package your product. We have worked with medical companies producing COVID test kits such as Abbott Labs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help speed along your process.


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