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Flash Drive Duplication Services from Milwaukee

Copying USBs in bulk can be a hassle when doing it all on your own. Advanced Media Services can help copy your media quickly while maintaining the high-quality of the master copy. We also offer video authoring services if you are interested in perfecting your media.

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Our System:USB Duplication Flash Drives

Advanced Media Services has Nexcopy drive bays which can port 20 USB drives at once and transfer data at around 2000 MB each.

AMS can transfer over 100’s or even 1000’s of files at a time, using our Nexcopy system. 

We duplicate USBs for:

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USB Kitting and Packaging

One of our more popular services paired with USB duplication is kit assembly and custom packaging. AMS combines whatever you’d like in your package including media, documents, brochures, stickers, and more. Advanced Media Services can complete the printing on our end or you can ship each item for your kit individually to our office:

Advanced Media Services
4811 S 76th st Suite 2,
Greenfield, WI 53220

Although our office is located in Wisconsin, we can ship your media duplication products all around the world.

Flash drive duplication pricing

The average cost of duplicating 1 USB is around $2.50. However, this price may vary based on scale and order preferences. Give us a call to learn more and receive a free quote!


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