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Video Authoring Service from the Milwaukee Area

Advanced Media Services provides professional video authoring services to ensure your product is complete and viewable on all popular platforms. We can provide the final product on a DVD or USB and offer duplication services if you're in need of many copies.

We're able to author, duplicate, package, and ship your products in a prompt manner. We are happy to work with you to use any custom packaging.

AMS also works with a variety of other packaging:

  • Clamshell Cases
  • Cases
  • Digipak Cases & Sleeves
  • Wallets
  • Sliders
  • Amaray Cases

Contact us for your custom inserts too! We offer custom printing for both jewel cases and DVD cases.

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Your Media Service from Beginning to End:DVD Video Authoring in Milwaukee

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What is DVD authoring?

DVD authoring is the process of taking video material and combining it with:

DVD authoring is the final step in post-production to turn your video into a final product. DVD authoring will also allow your DVD video to be viewed through Blu-ray & DVD players, computers, mobile phones, and USB flash drives.

Benefits of Authoring

If you have a finished video, chances are it still needs to be formatted and mastered. All products have their own format standards. DVD authoring will provide a professional presentation of your video product, ensuring your training video, creative film, or other video projects will look professional and complete.

Why Choose Advanced Media Service over authoring software?

These days there are countless video authoring softwares readily available to anyone. But even professional authoring software does not guarantee professional results. You need a professional for that, and that's where Advanced Media Service comes in.

Advanced Media Service offers DVD Authoring Services so:

Advanced Media Services will turn your video project into a professional product and complete viewing experience.

Contact us today about our DVD authoring services!
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